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Financial Fitness

Why is financial fitness important and how do we take action to achieve it?

Financial Fitness with Siena is all about learning the fundamentals of personal finance in order to create daily and manageable habits to not only live debt-free within your means but to create the vision for the life you want and enact the financial fitness principles needed to get you there.


We are all told, “live your life to the fullest.” I am here to help others do just that. Our goal for financial fitness is to create daily, sustainable habits with our finances to achieve financial freedom. Ultimately, this means we can manage our finances in a way to afford the kind of life we desire and live it to the fullest.


Lack of practical financial education often leads to bad habits that follow teens into adulthood. The Federal Reserve reported over half of all Americans--across all income levels--are worried about their finances. In most cases, this is not a situation of not making enough money, but rather not understanding enough about managing their money to live comfortably.


Personal finance is first about understanding how to earn, spend, save, borrow, and protect your money, and second about driving behavior with these money principles that will help you reach your goals. Basic financial literacy is critical to becoming financially independent, and being financially fit is essential to living the life you want.

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Get Advice

Basic financial principles are covered on this website. I have partnered with people in the financial industry who are volunteering their time to contribute to this initiative. If you would like to talk to a someone to ask questions, get an experienced perspective, or learn more please reach out via email in the contact section below, or go to the Contact page and we will have one of our volunteers get back to you.

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